iOS 8 banners go up ahead of WWDC



In case you somehow doubted that Apple would reveal iOS 8 next week at its Worldwide Developers Conference, here’s the confirmation. Apple has started putting up iOS 8 banners along with giant signage and logos outside the conference’s venue in downtown San Francisco.

A body of water seems to be behind the number 8, which could mean something special about iOS 8, but probably doesn’t.

iOS 8 is expected to feature the same design as iOS 7. Apple is rumored to be adding improvements to Maps and Siri along with some new apps like Healthbook. We’ll be liveblogging the WWDC keynote Monday at 10 a.m. PST, so stay tuned!

Update: OS X 10.10 banners too!

Image: Jay Yarow

  • If I’m to speculate, the body of water may have something to do with OSX’s new sea theme. Maby they’re bringing in the tide of unison?

  • Marco Murgia

    Water indicates something waterproof with iOS 8: iWatch. It’s Sure!

  • Tom Greca

    The symbol on the banner might not be an 8… It might be the symbol for infinity (turned sideways of course)

  • Nicholas

    Yeah I was going to say… the 8 looks a bit odd (awesome) so it might mean something to do with connections? iWatch -(connected seamlessly)- to the iOS? I don’t really have any idea but you never know!