Stop everything! Go read these comics


Photo: Image Comics
Photo: Image Comics

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With some truly great titles out there, and apps like Comixology making them easier to read then ever, there’s never been a better time to be a comic fan.

But with so many choices, what exactly should you be reading? Particularly for comic newbies it can be a little daunting searching through mounds of comics, whether that’s in your local brick-and-mortar, or on the virtual comic rack. Luckily, reading comics is part of my job, so I was all too happy to scour the four-color archives for the cream of the current crop.

There are superheroes, flesh-eating zombies, and, err, time-stopping intercourse — all of them read just as well on paper or your iPad screen. Personally, I’m a stickler for physical books, although digital ones are looking better all the time, and they’re continuing to explode in popularity.

But ultimately how you choose to consume your comics is a personal choice. Just so long as you read ’em.

So get reading!

  • Scratch

    Comixology used to be a great app. Like iTunes did for music they made comics easier than free. Then they took out in-app purchasing forcing you to navigate their site, make the purchase, sync the comic to the app, and then read it. Who is the winner? Not the reader and certainly not DC or Marvel.

    • Amazon bought them. Whereas Comixology was happy giving Apple their 30% cut for in-app purchases, Amazon apparently doesn’t want to do that. So, inconvenience for you, more $$ for Amazon. Same as the Kindle app on iOS. Website -> purchase -> sync -> Reader app.

  • Neil

    I was going to chime into the Comixology discussion as well with a couple anecdotes. Comixology, which was always in the top-10 revenue generating apps on the iTunes store, used to be a great app. Now it’s just a great reader.

    I can’t fault Amazon for changing the distribution model. However, it has had implications. I used to launch the Comixology app on my phone while walking my dog to browse and purchase titles. The new model has imposed just enough of a hurdle that I don’t do that anymore, and this made up for > 50-60% of my comic buying. I’m not the only one that’s had this experience, with various podcasts that I listen to having recounted similar experiences.

    It will be interesting to see if Comixology revenue declines by 30% over several quarters, whether that could prompt a change back to the old model.

    Other great links on this topic include

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    It’s also worth noting that investors reacted pretty negatively to Amazon’s recent performance, with AMZN under performing the broader Nasdaq (