Making your own mobile app is now super quick and easy



Look, making an app that will run on your iPhone is hard.

Luckily, just made it chimp simple for normal folks like you or I to make a mobile app right on your iOS, Android or computer. You don’t need to download anything, learn to code, or even leave your touchscreen.

Make an app to show off your disco band, complete with links to Soundcloud, or share recipes with your friends, linking them to your favorite chef sites. Explain your passion project and connect your Twitter followers to a wealth of knowledge that you can curate on your very own mobile app.

Seriously, if you want to make a mobile app and have no clue about C++ or Xcode compilers or other such fooferaw, is your best bet.

An mobile app isn’t a native app, which means you don’t even need to submit anything to an App Store curator at Google or Apple. That said, any mobile app you make with is a smooth as silk HTML5 creation, a step forward into the post-appstore era.

The app you create is optimized for smartphones, but also works on tablets and computers, so it’s a truly cross-platform experience. Now whoever you share the app with will have instant access to your app wherever they are, on whatever device they want to use. You’ll be able to create the app once, and then update it as you like, and your end-users will never even have to worry about updates — it’s all web-based.

That does mean, however, that anyone using an app created with will need to be online to access it.

Still, if you want to make an informational app that runs on your mobile phone or Mac, is super easy, fast, and — better yet — free. There’s even a little page that features all the cool apps out there, so you can get ideas for your own creations.

All you need to do is head over to website and create an account. Once you do so, you’ll be making cool websites in less than the time it took you to read the above paragraphs.

The applications of this quick and easy app creation tool are limitless. So, whether you’re a kid who wants to share your passion for soccer, or a business owner who wants to put all her forms in one place for her mobile employees, is a fantastically smart way to do it.


  • godofbiscuits

    Why isn’t this marked as an ad?

    • Frederick Tubiermont

      If I may… because this is not… and yes, I’m humbled by the article, really appreciate how the writer took time to discover the app and its features + its vision for the future. Maybe you could give it a try too ;-)

      • Jason Smith

        “Post App Store era”?
        What a load of rubbish. This is an ad. Or maybe a press release that the journo didn’t proof read thoroughly.

      • Frederick Tubiermont

        nope, believe me, it isn’t and it’s not a press release. The journalist took his time to discover our work & test our product, which we can praise since it doesn’t happen a lot. Re: the vision we have, you’re not forced to share it, obviously, but why call it “rubbish”? The debate is open, no need for insults, let’s just see who will be right, or not. That’s the beauty of make predictions, it’s very tough, especially about the future :-))) Keep calm & code on. PS: remember AOL in the early desktop era? Here’s a nice one:

      • Jason Smith

        Frederick, no one has a problem with your product. And I wish you all the best with your business.

        The concern is the article fails to question the premises asserted by your company, the whole article reads like a sales pitch, not a review… and this only serves to dilute any recommendation this website would make. I cannot take this article seriously, moreover your company is put down as the source for all the information.

    • Rob LeFebvre

      Because it isn’t an ad. :)

  • Jesse Tucker

    Sigh. Expected a little better from a site like this. This article, summed up: “Now you too can be an app developer!!! Who needs code? Not you! Leave that for those nerdly types, you’re too cool for all that nonsense!” You know what else works even better than creating these ‘web apps’ to do the things mentioned here? Websites. Built in a responsive design. There are cookie-cutter templates for that too.

    • Alex Petrisor

      You must have misunderstood the article. Nobody said that this is intended for app developers, or that if you use it you will become one. It is aimed for a general audience, people of all backgrounds that would like to share structured content directly from their phone.

      You assume that everyone knows how to build a website, or what RWD is?

      • Jesse Tucker

        I know that the general public wouldn’t. They’re also less likely to understand why something created from this service wouldn’t be eligible for placement into the app stores, since it is an app they’re building, and placement into those stores (for them) would be the mark of an authentic branding campaign. A web app wouldn’t accomplish that goal.

        Someone serious about pushing their products would be more likely to do a little research to learn the options available, thus learning about the concepts of RWD.

        And, apps (web or other) should do something in my opinion. If it’s just information being shared, RWD should (in most cases) be encouraged first.

    • Rob LeFebvre

      There are many use cases I can imagine where building a website is just too much time and effort. A student report, for example. A family christmas card, or other information sharing effort. The adsy community has tons of such web apps that are gorgeous and probably took all of an hour or so to put together.

      And, for the record, I’m not saying no one needs code. I’m saying that many people would benefit from an app like this.

  • John Roberts

    Certainly a neat app and overall concept however I find to be much more robust and intuitive.

    • Frederick Tubiermont

      Hi John, the major difference is our much broader target group.
      Orbose’s CTA is “Grow your business with a Custom Branded App”.
      We don’t focus on professional users, we have kids building random stuff on adsy, we have professionals creating multiple adsy apps for multiple occasions, we also have adults sharing casual passions.
      It’s a pretty different format. Give it a try, see the apps that we have in the featured section and I think you will feel the difference in terms of positioning. We want to completely demystify mobile content creation, for kids & adults alike.


  • josephcruise101

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