40,000 pounds of force makes an iPhone 5s crumble like cookies



Thanks to its gorgeous aluminum construction and Gorilla Glass display, the iPhone 5s is one of the strongest, most robust flagship smartphones money can buy. If you drop it from a reasonable height, there’s a good chance it will remain in one piece — even if it’s not wearing a case.

But Jony Ive’s aluminum is no match for the crushing machine in the video below, which uses 40,000 pounds of force to make a sturdy iPhone 5s crumble like cookies.

The video was created by OnePlus to promote the new OnePlus One, a flagship Android phone that’s priced at just $299. It’s part of the company’s crazy Smash the Past campaign, which encourages people to demolish their existing handsets and make the switch.

In some ways, the campaign makes sense — particularly with regards to the iPhone. The One has better specifications overall, including a larger 1080p display, and it’s significantly cheaper. But this video seems to suggest the One is better because it’s stronger than its rivals, and that’s not the case.

Nevertheless, there’s something strangely satisfying about seeing something that’s usually so tough get squished like that. I don’t condone it — there are far greater things to do with your old smartphone, and the iPhone’s too good to crush, in my opinion — but I’m somewhat ashamed to admit I enjoyed it anyway.