Logitech’s Case+ wants to be the only iPhone case you’ll ever need



Do you remember the classic Simpsons skit from the episode “Homer Bad Man?” When Homer walks past a salesman, they try to catch his attention by yelling, “Hey, sir!  Try our wax lips: the candy of 1000 uses.” Homer is skeptical. “Like what?” he asks. “One, a humorous substitute for your own lips,” the salesman responds, before immediately running out of other possible other uses.

Well, Logitech’s new modular case+ promises to be the “wax lips” of the iPhone 5 and 5s — albeit with more actual applications. Using magnets to switch between a variety of interchangeable accessories — including power supply, car mount, kickstand and wallet modules — the case+ hopes to be the most versatile iPhone case yet.

Logitech's case+ and +energy attachment.
Logitech’s case+ and +energy attachment.

The power accessory is an external 2,300 mAh battery called the +energy, which snaps onto the back of the case+ and then delivers power via a U-shaped Lightning connector. The +tilt meanwhile features a magnetic mounting which which enables you to easily attach the iPhone to almost any metal surface. The +drive (pictured) is a twist-to-lock suction cup which latches onto any windshield or dashboard, while the +wallet lets you carry your credit cards, keys and cash on the back of your iPhone.

(Logitech claims the unit’s “Magnashield” technology will stop the case+ from demagnetizing any cards with magnetic strips.)

All four accessories will come bundled together when the case+ collection goes on sale in the U.S. later this month, priced $200.

The +tilt, +drive and +wallet accessories.
The +tilt, +drive and +wallet accessories.

Source: Logitech

  • BarryDwight

    If I opened the door of a car and the driver had one of those things on their windshield, I’d do a quick 180 and GTFO of there.

  • Keith

    $200 for a case that only fits the soon to be “old” iPhone? Anyone who would spend that much on a case is going to have the newest phone. Dumb. Stupid. Idiotic. Moronic.