PaperSync scans your notebooks to PDF, returns them intact


PaperSync is a more appealing version of the Mod Notebooks service. Like Mod, PaperSync scans your paper pages and turns them into digital files. Unlike Mod, PaperSync uses plain old PDFs, and works with any notebook you like, not just the special Mod notebook.

Just yesterday I chopped the spine off a little Moleskine Cahier pocket notebook and ran the pages through a Doxie One scanner, then sent the resulting files to Evernote. It worked, but the result is a little messy.

Instead, I could have sent the book off to the folks at PaperSync, whereupon it would have been quickly scanned with a bank of SLR cameras, turned into PDFs and sent back to me. The book remains intact, and comes via regular mail, and the PDFs are emailed, ready to be processed however you like.

I love the simplicity, both of the results and of the service: You pay $20 per notebook, mailing is included, and in seven days of sending you get your PDFs. [UPDATE: The $20 is for scanning and return postage. You pay to send your books].

I’m actually happy to stick with my own manual method. It only takes ten minutes to chop and scan a book, and is free and as secure as anything on my own Mac.

But if I had a stack of books to scan, I’d consider sending them off to PaperSync to get them all done at once.

Source: PaperSync
Thanks: Michael!