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Linkase Pro LTE Case Claims To Boost The iPhone’s Cell Data Signal




Like its predecessor, the new prototype Linkase Pro LTE iPhone case supposedly boosts your iPhone’s ability to connect to the Internet. But where the previous version was claimed to strengthen the iPhone’s wifi radio, this new LTE version is supposed to boost, you guessed it, your iPhone’s LTE data radio. Absolute Technology, the company behind the case, also claims it will add 20 percent to your battery life due to less power wasted while trying to send and receive data.

It’s a pretty simple idea: the case (which is only available for the AT&T or Verizon iPhone 5/s) hides a short, flat sliver of an antenna that can be pulled out when the LTE signal gets sketchy.

Caveats like “supposedly” and “claimed” appear in the first paragraph above because reviews have been mixed as to whether the wifi version of the case actually worked; since the technology is broadly the same as that the LTE version, we’re skeptical (but curious) about the LTE version.

As noted, the case is still in prototype; it can be found on Indiegogo, with the first tier of cases available at $25 each. Estimated delivery date is August.

Source: Indiegogo