Auki Steals The Crown As Best Quick Reply Jailbreak Tweak For iPhone


Dear Apple, please make something like this for iOS 8.
Dear Apple, please make something like this for iOS 8.

My biggest qualm with the stock Messages app is its lack of a quick reply feature.

A new jailbreak tweak called Auki was released yesterday at JailbreakCon, and it works like the Messages app Apple should have made in iOS 7. In terms of elegance and simplicity, Auki leapfrogs tweaks like biteSMS that came before. It’s quick reply done right, then some.

Developed by popular tweak/theme designer Surenix and Benno,  Auki adds a native interface for quick reply that can be summoned anywhere in iOS 7.

You can reply to an incoming message by tapping the reply button in a banner notification. Swiping on an unread message from the lockscreen also works. Quick compose can be triggered by swiping down from the top of Notification Center or through an Activator shortcut.

The best thing about Auki is how it just fuses itself into the stock Messages app. Everything you know in Messages is extended to the quick reply/compose window, whether it be adding a picture, landscape mode, typing indicators, etc. And that’s not all. Auki adds another slick feature to Messages: silent mode.

Quick Compose and Silent Mode on display in Auki
Quick Compose and Silent Mode on display in Auki

When you swipe to delete a thread in the Messages app, there is a new “Silent” option that mutes that conversation. It effectively blocks all notifications, including vibrations, from a specific contact or group of contacts. Whoever is on the other side of the convo won’t see your typing indicator or read receipts, either.

Instead of feeling bloated and overcomplicated like some of its competitors, Auki capitalizes on doing a couple of things extremely well. And thanks to some great design, it looks like it should have belonged in iOS 7 to begin with.

Check Auki out in Cydia on the iPhone or iPod touch. It costs $3.99, and an iPad version is coming for free in a future update. Make sure to uninstall biteSMS or Messages+ before installing to avoid incompatibility issues.

  • Jordi keesen

    Works this for Whatsapp?

  • jwrbloom

    I still prefer BiteSMS. It has the ability to schedule tweets, as well as insert contact information and template/notes from within the app.

  • digitaldumdum

    “Auki Steals The Crown As Best Quick Reply Jailbreak Tweak For iPhone”

    Kinda biased. It’s like saying iOS 7 is better than iOS 6. Newer, but not necessarily better. It’s a matter of preference. As messaging apps go, Auki is also the newest, not necessarily the best. BiteSMS is a few bucks more (free with ads), but a rockin’ messaging app. Couria is a new one (and free), that also shows great promise.
    One more point: unlike BiteSMS, Auki is not available on jailbroken devices running iOS 5 or 6, of which there are plenty. No iOS 7 means no Auki. Personally, my favorite is BiteSMS running on my iPhone 5 on iOS 6.

    • Jeez whos running iOS 5 still?

      • digitaldumdum

        Who’s still running iOS 5? From posts on reddit, modmyi and elsewhere, lots of jail-breakers who either cannot afford or simply don’t want a newer iPhone than a 3G, 3Gs or a 4, but still want decent performance. Not everyone buys the latest phone or needs the newest features.

      • Can’t afford to upgrade I can certainly understand, but no one could possibly want to be using an ancient 3G iPhone.

        And yes six years, especially for a phone, is ancient in technology terms.

      • digitaldumdum

        I hear ya’. I’m just reporting what I read on other popular jailbreak sites. It’s hard for those of us—you and I, for example—to imagine that someone wouldn’t go right out and buy the latest, or at least something newer. However, I have two (older) friends who have iPhone 3G’s, and want for nothing more. They use them as a phone, for texting their kids and playing solitaire. Of course, they’re not jail-breakers. Not me! My jailbroken iPhone 5 is all tricked out with iOS 6, and the only way I’d go to iOS 7 is if I absolutely had to. Cheers.

  • I never liked BiteSMS because it needed to be used as its own messaging app. Integrating quick reply seamlessly with the stock messages app sounds like exactly what I’ve been waiting for.

    • digitaldumdum

      Hmmm, my BiteSMS integrates perfectly with the stock messaging app. Maybe you’re thinking of an earlier version.

      • Stephen Rector

        I don’t think so. I just switched from the latest BiteSMS beta. It now hides the Messages App and looks identical to it but it is still its own app.

      • digitaldumdum

        Soooo… let me put it this way. When I get an SMS or iMessage, it comes straight via BiteSMS as I’ve set it up to do. If I want to reply (or anything else), I can do it with a tap from either the BiteSMS interface or via Messages. Exactly *how* it’s being done is irrelevant to me. Since I can do more with BiteSMS in ways Messages doesn’t provide, that’s sufficient integration for me.

  • Ko Min

    If you like this tweak ! Can install Free from my Repo

  • Dan Horn

    My biggest qualm with auki is that it’s slow. Having to open notification center is an extra step, and dragging down on notification center to open it isn’t quite as smooth as I’d expect for a paid tweak. My biggest issue though is when you go to type the recipient’s name it lags badly for a second or two before showing the list of recipients relevant to what you’re typing. This drives me insane.

    BiteSMS doesn’t hiccup this way at all and contrary to popular belief also has a silence feature to toggle notifications from users.

    • Dan Horn

      Oh and I’m aware that you can assign auki to the same activation sequence as bitesms via activator but I noticed a significant reduction in battery life after doing so.