New Patent Suit Confirms Apple’s Status As Most-Sued Tech Company



Technology group Kudelski has become the latest company to file a patent lawsuit against Apple.

Kudelski’s OpenTV and Nagravision subsidiaries are claiming that Apple is infringing on five of its U.S. patents in pretty much every product under the sun — including iOS devices, Apple TV, the App Store, iTunes, iADS, Safari, and Macs running OS X.

It hasn’t, however, provide any further public details, and nor has Apple itself responded.

The California-based OpenTV provides software technology for interactive and digital television — including video-on-demand and advanced program guides — while Nagravision develops security technologies for digital media.

In terms of patent cases, Apple is the most-sued major U.S. technology company since 2000 — having been sued for supposed infringement 364 times in that time frame, although the vast majority of suits were filed in the past five years.

Drawing from a database of U.S. patent-litigation records, legal subscription service Lex Machina produced the following graph for Cult of Mac, showing how patent filings against Apple have increased since 2008.

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Apple litigation activity since 2008, in which Apple serves as defendant. (Source: Lex Machina)
Apple litigation activity since 2008, in which Apple serves as defendant. (Source: Lex Machina)

Source: Reuters

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    Anyone can file a lawsuit against anyone. The question is, how many of those cases did they win? Most of those cases, like the ones Samsung has leveled against Apple have lost because they were baseless or weak cases. I can file a lawsuit against Apple today if I wanted, winning my case is a different matter entirely.

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