Top iOS Apps Of The Week



Every week, we highlight some of the most interesting new apps and collect them here for your consideration. This time, our picks include a network diagnostic tool, some laundry guidance, and a reminder that Reno 911! was a thing.

Here you go:

If your Internet connection is dragging, and you have no idea why, NetHero can offer some helpful tips to get you back up to speed. You just register, and it will check out all the devices on your home network to give you a general idea of whether or not they’re working properly. You can also download the app to your individual devices like your laptop to run speed checks and get alerts and advice that will hopefully get your devices running better and save you some aggrivation.

NetHero – Free | Pie Digital

Complete Laundry Care

When it comes to doing laundry, I’m a “just throw it all in, cold wash, walk away” kind of person. And that’s equal parts no time, ignorance, laziness, and the fact that my washer and dryer have coin slots in them. But here’s an app that lays the entire laundry process out for you if you care enough to do it right.

Complete Laundry Care takes you through the entire process starting with sorting and ending with folding, and it offers an abundance of helpful tips along the way. Most of these involve reading the care label, but it also taught me what the hell all those symbols on the label mean. The more you know.

Complete Laundry Care – Free | Renowne, LLC


If you have a cool story or a handy travel tip you’d like to share, Grawler will let you. It’s a new app that wikis up the world by having its community add photos, waypoints, and descriptions of their favorite destinations. And if you happen to live in a less-than-popular travel destination *cough*Lincoln*cough*, it comes preloaded with articles from Wikipedia.

And since I’m pretty sure nobody else in the community has this kind of insider information, I think I’ll go ahead and create my definitive guide to private places to sneak naps on the University of Nebraska campus. Worldly travelers need to know that.

Grawler: The Local Wiki – Free | Cosmix

Comedy Central

If you’re on the go and missed last night’s episode of The Daily Show, Comedy Central’s new official app can hook you up. It offers a wide selection of programming, including talk shows, series, and standalone shorts. All the new stuff is right there for the viewing, but you’ll have to go through a cable-company login to check out everything else.

Just be aware of your surroundings. You don’t want to be another crazy person laughing on the bus.

Comedy Central – Free | Comedy Central


Maybe you’re walking down the street, and you see a squirrel fighting a feral cat over half of a hot dog. That’s awesome, and you must capture it.

But what if a construction crew is ripping up the sidewalk 50 feet away, and you don’t need that messing up this amazing moment? That’s what Hush does: It captures video without sound. It even preformats your video in an Instagram-friendly square format so that your friends can cheer on that plucky undersquirrel as soon as possible.

Plus, it’ll save them the embarrassment of having the noise of a thousand shrieking metal demons blasting out of their phone in public. They’ll owe you one.

Hush – Free | Zhukovskiy