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Hate Freemium iOS Games? Too Bad… Here’s Why They Aren’t Going Away


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Hate freemium or ad-supported games? Tough noogies.

A new study by Wild Tangent in collaboration with IHS Technology queried 500 iOS users about what games they prefer? The not-so-shocking conclusion? 70% of all respondents preferred free gamers supported by advertising, while 16 percent were in favor of freemium games with the option to pay for levels. Only 14% percent of those surveyed preferred iOS games that required money upfront to download.

This drives me crazy. I love Plants vs. Zombies but I hate Plants vs. Zombies 2: a game which is totally broken (and always in development flux) as EA and PopCap try to min-max its freemium mojo. I’d gladly pay $10 for a better version of the game, but the race-to-the-bottom of the iOS apps market makes this sort of pricing untenable.

How many good games have to be ruined because of our misguided belief that a “good deal” on an app means not paying anything for it?

Source: Wild Tangent