Hate Freemium iOS Games? Too Bad… Here’s Why They Aren’t Going Away


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Hate freemium or ad-supported games? Tough noogies.

A new study by Wild Tangent in collaboration with IHS Technology queried 500 iOS users about what games they prefer? The not-so-shocking conclusion? 70% of all respondents preferred free gamers supported by advertising, while 16 percent were in favor of freemium games with the option to pay for levels. Only 14% percent of those surveyed preferred iOS games that required money upfront to download.

This drives me crazy. I love Plants vs. Zombies but I hate Plants vs. Zombies 2: a game which is totally broken (and always in development flux) as EA and PopCap try to min-max its freemium mojo. I’d gladly pay $10 for a better version of the game, but the race-to-the-bottom of the iOS apps market makes this sort of pricing untenable.

How many good games have to be ruined because of our misguided belief that a “good deal” on an app means not paying anything for it?

Source: Wild Tangent

  • Lance Hunter

    Wow, a company that sells game ads surveyed a whopping 500 people and discovered that an overwhelming majority of them love game ads and want more of them. Someone call the nobel committee, someone deserves an award for this science!

  • CrazedLeper

    F***ing idiots. World full of idiots, now we’re all doomed.

  • RedMercury

    It’s a fair comment. Personally, I prefer ad-supported games to games I have to pay for. Of course, I have three whole games on my iPhone. So I’m not necessarily that much of a “gamer.”

    The important question, as a developer (but not a games developer), is “Which model makes more money?”

  • Jacob

    500 people? Really? Also, I hate ads but seeing one or two is ok, but I don’t want more than that!