Enable New Month And List Hybrid View With iOS 7.1 [iOS Tips]



iOS 7 allowed you to switch between the day view and the list view with the tap of a button.

The new iOS 7.1 update now lets you see your events list along with your monthly calendar all on the same screen, giving Apple’s Calendar app a much-needed boost in usefulness.

Here’s how to enable it.

Launch your Calendar app with a tap, and then navigate to the Month view with the back button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Once there, tap on the new hybrid view icon there, just to the left of the Search icon.

When you tap this new icon, a list of the day’s activities will appear in the bottom of the screen. Tap another day to see the list of events for that specific day, and so on. You can swipe upward to see the whole list of events scheduled for your selected day, too.

It’s nice to finally see a more functional monthly calendar view; here’s to Apple’s continuous updates!