Ex-Apple Programmer Crowdfunds ‘Internet Of Things’ Maker Kit


Hoddie was one of the main architects of QuickTime during his stint working at Apple
Hoddie was one of the main architects of QuickTime during his stint working at Apple

QuickTime architect, ex-Apple programmer, and former trusted Steve Jobs lieutenant Peter Hoddie has launched a new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Called Kinoma Create, the project aims to create a JavaScript-powered Internet of Things construction kit, aimed at professional product designers, as well as web developers with no prior hardware experience.


The project lets people to create personal projects, consumer electronics, and Internet of Things prototypes more quickly and easily than ever before — representing the fastest possible way to go from product concept to fully realized, Internet-connected prototype.

Kinoma Create includes the hardware needed to start creating connected consumer electronics and their companion apps. Kinoma Create integrates a power-efficient CPU, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a capacitive touchscreen, and numerous input/output options for external sensors, LEDs, and input devices. All this is enclosed in a stylish, adaptable case which makes projects portable — along with adding some much-needed polish to product prototype demonstrations.

“Bare boards like Arduino and Raspberry Pi are amazing for their audience — we love these products and all the wonderful projects they have inspired,” Hoddie says. “Kinoma Create was designed to enable a broader audience to join the party. It lets you make all the same sorts of things, but helps you skip the tedious and difficult details to get straight to the fun stuff.”

So far Kinoma Create has already doubled its target goal — raising $20,206 with a whole 36 days left.

Check out the Indiegogo link here for more details of the project and how to get involved.

Source: Kinoma