iOS 7.1 Provides 15-Minute Warning When You Buy IAPs



Among the new features of iOS 7.1 is the addition of a warning message for users concerning the 15-minute in-app purchase window. This quarter-hour window allows you to buy IAPs on an iOS device without further authorization for 15 minutes following the correct entry of a password.

The feature (which can be turned off in the “Settings” menu) is likely related to Apple’s settlement with the FTC, which saw the company refund $32.5 million to customers on the back of a lawsuit over IAPs. At the time Apple said that it would not only issue refunds to those affected, but also modify its in-app billing system to make the process clearer for users. These changes came with a March 31 deadline from the FTC.

Cult of Mac will keep you updated on whether this cuts down the amount of issues caused by IAPs.




  • Keep your phone away from the kids!

  • Glenn Gore

    I thought we were supposed to be able to make app and iTunes purchases using TouchID, and my phone is set to do that in Settings, but every time I make a purchase, the phone asks me for my password. Am I missing another setting somewhere?

  • CrazedLeper

    F- IAP. Greedy bastards. Haven’t used it once. Hope I never do.