This Terribly Wonderful iPhone Alarm Clock Wakes You Up To The Smell of Bacon



Those devils at Oscar Mayer have found a way to wake you up in the morning and torment you at the same time. They have created an iPhone alarm clock that plays sounds of bacon sizzling and emits the associated smell of deliciousness.

You got hungry by just reading that didn’t you.

Aptly named “Wake Up And Smell The Bacon,” the adapter plugs into the bottom of the iPhone and runs alongside its companion app. Set a time in the app, and a few puffs of bacon scent will be released.

If by some chance you want to subject yourself to the torture that is this device, you’ll have to sign up to win one on the Oscar Mayer website.

Source: Oscar Mayer


  • Andy Shorrock

    Do you know I feel SO sorry for Pigs. Wonderful intelligent and loving creatures, fabulous parents, if there’s one animal that can look us humans in the eye & find us wanting it’s a pig. It’s such a damn shame they’re made of Bacon :)

  • I went to the web site yesterday as soon as I found out about it. I signed up and BAM, I won one of the devices. And I’ll have in in only 8-10 weeks!