Can ‘Dapper’ Interest You In This Embossed Paisley Wallet?



I don’t know who makes these rules, but apparently, “society” wants men to wear clothes.

But how does one decide which clothes to wear? Dapper wants to help. It’s a shopping app that collects items from several different stores and arranges them into categories like office, casual, and active. When you see something you like, you can add it to your “Daplist” or put it in your cart. You can swipe left on items you don’t like and banish them to the Phantom Zone.

You can create an account to purchase right from the app, or you can just be one of “those customers” and nose around with no intention to buy. That’s what I do.

Source:Dapper – Free | Dapper Shopping, Inc.

  • Amir Malayery

    You can also get items back from the Phantom Zone by tapping Discarded from the app menu!