This Flappy Bird In A Box Hack Is Way More Impressive Than The Game



The death of Flappy Bird has brought out more ridiculous knock-offs than should be permissible by the standards of the Geneva Convention. It’s gotten so bad Apple and Google decided to ban them, but the one Flappy Bird knock-off we’d love to play isn’t on the App Store either, it’s in a box.

Fawn Qiu decided to make an IRL version of Flappy Bird using nothing more than a box, an Arduino sensor, two servo motors, a reed switch, magnets and of course, some Flappy Bird artwork.

Players control the bird with the reed switch on the left and if you fail to make it past a set of pipes the box closes.

Check out the video of the project below:

Source: QuiLab
Via: Gizmodo

  • Joe

    Well this is rather surreal…

    It seems as if Flappy Bird has become a very strange source of inspiration for a lot of people (including the creator of Flappy Bird level 999). My favourite thus far though, has to be the effect the game has had on people’s lives!

    Can be found here for those who need a giggle: