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Jelly King Bounces With Reckless Abandon [Review]


He's the Jelly King and he's excited to see you!
He's the Jelly King and he's excited to see you!

Jelly King ambitiously introduces himself as the king of all jellies…but that’s not quite true. Before he can take his rightful place as gelatinous royalty, he has to bounce his way through a harrowing adventure to collect diamond shards. No problem, right?

Jelly King by SmartStudy
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone/iPad
Price: Free

Jelly King is the kind of platformer that works well on mobile devices. In his excitement, the jelly you control is constantly bouncing. All you have to do is guide him left or right as you clear obstacles or pick up powerups. Jelly King bounces a certain distance each time you move, so the challenge is to anticipate future moves based off of where you start. If you’re too far away from the edge when Jelly jumps over a gap he might clear the first obstacle, but swiftly fall off the next.

Watch out for spikes.
Watch out for spikes.

Lightly tapping right or left will help you line up Jelly’s jumps and avoid pitfalls. Power-ups scattered throughout the level also enhance how Jelly moves. The first one you find will let Jelly double jump which is vital when aiming for small ledges or avoiding spike traps. You can also buy power-ups with the diamonds you’re collecting, but you will want to hold on to those precious collectibles for levels fraught with impenetrable walls of spikes.

The most striking thing about Jelly King is how chatty the characters are. Before many levels, Jelly King will talk to you about objectives, power-ups, and game events. It can get a little annoying, but I find the character designs just cute enough to accept their chattiness.

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Game Name: Jelly King
The Good: Cute, chatty characters combined with easy-to-learn mechanics!
The Bad: It’s very easy to screw up tricky jumps and end up starting entire levels over repeatedly.
The Verdict Jelly King is refreshingly easy to learn and is pretty cute to boot.
Buy from: App Store: JellyKing – SmartStudy



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