Flappy Bird Dev Promises To Stop Selling The Wildly Successful Game


Game dev can't take the pressure.

In a tweet earlier in the day on Saturday, Dong Nguyen–developer of the wildly popular iOS and Android game, Flappy Bird–apologized to fans while simultaneously promising to take his game down, assumedly from the various app stores it’s been selling like crazy on.

Like, $50,000 per day crazy.

His tweet hints at the insanity of success, and we can only assume that a shy, retiring game developer might have a hard time with the kind of success Flappy Bird has seen.

He asserts that there are no legal or copyright issues in another couple of tweets, but does say that he feels that the game is being “overused.”

Neither is Nguyen selling the game, he tweeted response to many offers to purchase the property. Also, he still makes games, so stay tuned for more, perhaps.

It could be that the game has come under intense scrutiny after it exploded onto the mobile gaming scene, with outlets like Kotaku pointing out the obvious parallels in game artwork to Super Mario Bros., a hugely popular Nintendo franchise.

Whatever the reason, if Nguyen pulled in $50,000 over the last week alone, he’s more set than most of us to continue living and not working on anything other than games he wants to make.

Source: Twitter

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi


  • Steven Quan

    Only thing I can think of is he’s lying. He says he’s not pulling it down to legal issues, then why would he do it? Is it because he can’t stand the thought of making thousands of dollars? Someone must have threatened a lawsuit. It does look like the tubes in Mario Bros.

  • tool022611

    In a recent article it’s been said that he has been harassed daily by news organizations, people wanting to put their ads on the game, and even people to start selling cloths ect. He also tweet he is happy about the success and thankful to the fans but wants to be left alone. I guess he’d rather take it down than deal with the celebrity of a game Dev. Personally, I am sick of this game and I don’t even play it.

  • layPhone

    The title says he will stop selling the game, it is free correct? Am I missing something?

  • Ianthetechman

    The game is totally free so he will have a hard job to stop selling it won’t he ?