Only One Brings Retro Arcade Hack N’ Slash Action To iOS



Today sees the App Store launch of retro-styled hack n’ slash iOS actioner, Only One.

Borrowing its one-man-fights-off-millions-of-enemies-on-top-of-a-giant-tower premise from the Jet Li-starring cult movie The One, the game is the fighting equivalent of a never-ending platformer — only with waves of enemies (70 in all, plus 7 bosses) taking the place of constant leaps and obstacles.

Only One is an arena style sword fighting game where you grab a magic sword declaring yourself the ‘Only One’ and then proceed to push and destroy waves of enemies off a sacrificial pillar in the sky,” explains developer Ernest Szoka.

Alongside the charmingly old-school pixel art graphics and vintage arcade-style music, the game also allows you to upgrade your character over time — adding improved stats and a plethora of abilities including “push, freeze, bubble, whirlwind and dart.”

There’s the added bonus of a Game Center leader board, so that  you can confirm whether — in fact — you really are the “Only One” or just another everyday player.

Source: iTunes

Via: Touch Arcade