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Infinite Tweet 2 Lets Jailbreakers Tweet Infinite Jest


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The arbitrary 140 character limit of tweets can oftentimes seem as maddeningly arbitrary as it is maddeningly short. It’s not arbitrary, actually: Twitter was originally designed to work over dumbphones as an SMS service, and 140 characters is the maximum size of a single SMS (longer SMSes are actually sent as multiple messages and pieced together by your phone). In turn, the reason SMSes are 140 characters is that’s the maximum amount of information that fits into the small pocket of bandwidth that is left over with all the cellular voice calls whizzing through the air.

Interesting, huh? And, of course, Twitter’s cultural tersity has its benefits. Still, sometimes you just want to send a longer tweet, only to be thwarted by Twitter’s hardline stance. For just those moments, a new jailbreak tweak called Infinite Tweet 2 has come to make things easier for you.

Containing full support for iOS 7 and 64-bit iOS devices, Infinite Tweet 2 allows you to tweet more than 140 characters, either by cutting down to 140 characters to send as a separate tweet or feeding it right into the Twitlonger service.

What makes Infinite Tweet 2 so convenient is that it’s fully integrated not just with the official Twitter client, but also with tapbots’ Tweetbot 3.

Infinite Tweet 2 only works with iOS 7, but there’s an older version of the tweak that works with iOS 6 and below. Either way, these two tweaks can be downloaded on the BigBoss repo over Cydia for the price of $0.99.

Via: ModMyi