8 Design Changes Apple Made In The New iOS 7.1 Beta Today



Apple released iOS 7.1 beta 3 to developers today, and like always, many have already combed through the new software to find what’s new. The second beta of 7.1 brought a few additions and UI tweaks, and beta 3 also includes several noticeable changes.

Here are 8 design changes Apple made in the latest iOS 7.1 beta today:

New Call Dialer

new call dialer

(thanks Peter)

New Phone Buttons


(thanks snappyfool)


(thanks Nicholas)

Disable Parallax On Lock Or Home Screen

disable parallax

(thanks Nicholas)

Tweaked Keyboard Design


Heavier contrast. The delete and shift keys have different highlights too.

(thanks Peter)

New Power Off UI


(thanks Jordan)

Darker Icons


Apple’s green icons (Messages, Phone, FaceTime) have been made a little darker.

(thanks Jordan)

New Buttons In Music App


(thanks Peter)

“Reduce White Point” In Accessibility


The setting makes the general whiteness of iOS 7 a little duller.

(thanks daveo82)

  • Gadget

    I like all these changes

  • monstermasten

    Backpedaling, Backpedaling, Backpedaling…. Just bring back Scott Forstall.

    Obviously giving the entire iOS to Ive was a huge mistake, he got over excited. All the color changes should have been obvious to the first person to touch iOS, which means that people are either afraid to go against Ive, or he has too much power. This is what happens when you have a business man (Tim Cook) as the captain.

    The changes are nice though, but the jailbreak has already been burned…

  • SulaymanF

    A smaller dial/hang up button? Come on! I don’t care if it looks slightly better, it is now harder to use.

  • robogobo

    “General whiteness”.

  • thomasaab

    Jony is an awesome hardware designer, but his Microsoftification of the iOS is just ugly. Who the heck thought the bright white background everywhere was a good idea? Thumbing through photos with the glare is awful, and having to touch the screen to go black, then have it
    Pop back to white again after a photo edit?

    The “general whiteness” sucks. Bring back Scott Forstall! Please!

  • jamin1213

    When are they going to fix the keyboard?! The keys should be representative of the case that they will type in. Why did someone think it was smart to always have all caps?!

  • trudderham

    Some other changes not posted here:
    New flash icon in the Camera app that appears in dark environments
    Control Center and Notification Center have more of a bounce when they appear
    There’s a bug in the Notes app that prevents text from blurring behind menus.

    You can see screenshots of these here:

  • yyyau1002

    thanks for all the photos. the new design looks very refreshing!

  • bmn2

    You have to be kidding, monstermasten. You don’t like iOS 6, and that’s perfectly valid. iOS 6 had some features I enjoyed more (I liked when you’re on the lock screen, and a notification comes up, you just slid the it aside. If felt like a physical switch for me, which I enjoyed) but that’s not saying that I don’t like what iOS 7 brings as well.

    As I said, you may not like iOS 7, but to extend your dislike into a power struggle at Apple is more that nonsense (especially since you have nothing to base it on) but borderline paranoid.


    I followed your article in ORIZUME from Japan.


    Thank you.

    I’m just waiting more innovation by Mr. Ive, may be which is in June.

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