RadPad Is An Easy, Picture-Rich Way To Find An Apartment On Your iPhone [Daily Freebie]




Apparently, Americans like to pull up stakes and move to greener pastures more often than almost anyone else — which would explain the swirl of activity at the umpteen websites that help renters find an apartment. As one of the umpteen, RadPad is a relative newcomer to the group that stands out because of its user-friendliness.

RadPad is sort of the graphic novel of the apartment-hunting site breed: It emphasizes big, pretty pictures over a dull jumble of text. RadPad says their staff tries to ensure all listings have at least three up-to-date images by actually calling the author of each listing as they’re posted to verify.

Augmenting the photo-heavy listings is an easy-to-read interface on both the iOS app and on RadPad’s website.

Radpad’s largest presence is in apartment-hungry Los Angeles, which is, not coincidentally, where it’s based; but it also has large footprints in cities like Boston, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Denver.

Bummer: There’s no iPad version, and the service hasn’t really gained momentum in some other big cities — most conspicuously San Francisco and NYC.

Source: RadPad