Zone Out As You Lay Waste To Goblins In An Infinity Bravura Dash [Review]


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An Infinity Bravura Dash – Knights of the King is a very long name for a straight forward side-scrolling shooter. In I Bravura (the app store title for the game) you play as one of three knights that fire endlessly into an ever-flowing wave of slimes and goblins. One hit can kill you, so your goal is to take down as many baddies as you can while collecting potions and coins that fly toward you.

An Infinity Bravura Dash by Jessika Maria Jardim dos Santos
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: Free

Beyond walking right and shooting, there’s not a lot to I Bravura, but that isn’t a bad thing. Your character can walk forward and back a little, which makes it much easier to avoid enemies while diving for collectibles. The simplicity behind I Bravura makes it a very relaxing game to play. Once you gain enough gold and unlock the other knights, your objective is really just to make it as far as you can without dying. You can pick the game up any time and just slaughter enemies to your heart’s content.

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The big downside to I Bravura are the constant pop-up ads. Every time you start the game or die, you’ll have to wade through full-screen ads with tiny cancel buttons. It’s easy to accidentally tap the ad instead of close it, which will take you out of the game and onto websites you probably don’t want to explore. This is the price you pay for a free game, sure, but it’s frustrating to have to deal with full-screen pop-ups every time you pick up the game.

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If you can wrestle with the pop-ups, I Bravura is a pretty relaxing shooter. Trouble is, that relaxation might be undone by advertising agitation.

Bravura 2Game Name: An Infinity Bravura Dash
The Good: Simple gameplay combined with easy-to-master controls makes this a very relaxing game to play.
The Bad: Constant pop-ups ads!
The Verdict If you want a simple side-scrolling shooter, I Bravura is a good option.
Buy from: App Store



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