Apple Starts Adding Back Old Features To iWork On The Mac, Fixes Bugs On iOS



Apple has rolled out updates for all of its iWork apps on both OS X and iOS. Earlier this month, Apple revealed features from iWork ’09 it would be adding back to the new suite in the coming months, and today’s updates address some of those features. On iOS, Pages, Keynote and Numbers have received bug fixes and stability improvements.

The Mac versions of all three iWork apps have customizable toolbars again, which was one of the top features users of iWork ’09 asked to have back. In Pages, the center and edge guides are now on by default. Keynote includes new transitions and builds; they’re called Blinds, Color Planes, Confetti, Fall, Perspective, Pivot, and Swoosh. Window size and placement are now preserved upon saving in Numbers. The Mac iWork apps have all received bug fixes as well.

More features will be added to iWork via future updates, according to Apple. The new versions of iWork are now completely free for Mac and iOS customers. You can find all of today’s updates in their respective app stores.