Old Model iPhone Explodes In Beijing


iPhone 3GS
Do you remember the iPhone 3GS?
Photo: Apple

How would you react if you learned that Apple planned to force users to upgrade their iOS devices by making the old ones explode after a set period of time, like secret documents in a James Bond movie? (Well, this writer would push away his old model iPhone 5 for one thing!).

While this may not quite be the case (at all), an iPhone 3GS user in Beijing is alleging that his smartphone suddenly exploded on November 13 while lying on his bedside table. Fortunately no one was hurt.

The owner, surnamed Ma, reports that the phone was neither in the middle of a call, or being charged at the time. He says that he does not want compensation from Apple, but would like to know the cause. The iPhone in question was purchased in 2009 and used until the release of the iPhone 4. Ma then did not use the 3GS again until one month ago, when he needed two phones for work.

After the initial “explosion” the phone split open at one side. The SIM card remained intact — albeit slightly blackened.

A member of staff at a local Apple retailer has said that the most likely cause is the iPhone’s battery, which could be defective or have discharged an abnormal amount of electricity due to unusual surrounding temperature or humidity.

Apple’s customer service has said that the company will only be able to confirm the cause once Ma sends the phone, relevant receipts, and necessary components to one of its technicians.

Source: Beijing Morning Post

Via: China Economic Net