Proporta’s New iPhone 5s Case Will Comfortably Withstand A Shotgun Blast [Video]



If you’re worried about your iPhone getting damaged the next time you’re involved in a heavy turf war, then check out Proporta’s new case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. It looks like a standard leather folio case from the outside, but it’s lined with carbon fiber that’s so strong, it will comfortably withstand a shotgun blast from 20 yards.

If that doesn’t damage it, then imagine how safe your iPhone will be inside it. Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel, yet it weighs around two-third less. That’s why it’s used in motor-sport and the aerospace industry — and now to protect your most beloved gadget.

Check out Proporta’s shotgun test in the video below. Be warned: there is a little NSFW language at the end, so you may want to turn the sound off.

The case is available in black and white, and it costs $60 in the U.S. and £45 in the U.K. You can order yours from Proporta now by following the source link below.

Source: Proporta