iBooks For Mac Updated With Bug Fixes And Stability Improvements


Yeah, that looks familiar.
Yeah, that looks familiar.

Alongside a few MacBook-related updates and a fix for Gmail in Mail, Apple has released its first update to iBooks for Mac today in Mavericks. Version 1.0.1 addresses “bug fixes and improvements to performance and stability,” according to Apple. It can be downloaded now in the Mac App Store.

iBooks for Mac hasn’t been particularly buggy, but this first update should fix many of the glitches with slow animations and other minor hiccups that have been affecting the app.

Source: Apple

  • tomimorillo65

    “iBooks for Mac hasn’t been particularly buggy”!!!!??? Are you guys NUTS?? iBooks messed up ALL my eBooks after importing from iTunes!!!! They all disappear from the iBooks library and fragmented into folders into some other folder inside ~/Library!!! There are a few threads in the Apple Support community with many having the same issue.

  • Jerry Fisher

    iBooks has been something of a let down for me. While Calibre is a hell of a Swiss-tool for handling all my ebooks and files that I tossed at it, frankly its fugly as sin. I had high hopes that iBooks would let me at least do basic metadata editing but even that function is missing. It’s pretty sad when I can edit my iTunes metadata to my hearts content but my iBooks library is hidden, renamed and seemingly locked down. If I want to use it at all, I have to do all my editing in Calibre then export the corrected files to iBooks. A little counterintuitive for me, but what do I know? I grew up in the era of Apple when the slogan was that it just worked.