iPad Air Adoption Rate 5x That Of iPad 4 After Opening Weekend


iPad Air
The 2013 iPad Air was an obvious design influence on the iPhone 6.
Photo: Apple

If, as Tim Cook predicts, “it’s going to be an iPad Christmas” then December 25 has come early to Cupertino, on the back of reports that the iPad Air saw adoption rates of five times those of the iPad 4 following its opening weekend.

According to Fiksu, Inc., developers of award-winning app marketing technologies, the well-reviewed iPad Air also enjoyed almost four times the adoption rate of the iPad Mini, which went on sale the same time as its big brother iPad 4. Their conclusions are summarized in the below chart:


To create this graphic, Fiksu sampled data taken from the millions of iOS devices using Fiksu client apps. It appears to confirm in numbers what Cult of Mac said in our review: that the iPad Air is the full-size iPad that people have been waiting for. With this kind of success, it will be interesting to see the sales figures the iPad Mini 2 can achieve when it hits stores later in November. Fiksu analysts note that the company will be tracking adoption rates of that device just as closely as they are the iPad Air.

Tim Cook might as well break out the Santa Claus costume right now.

It seems that at least a few people deserve milk and cookies!

Source: Fiksu