Apple Hit With A Class-Action Lawsuit Regarding 27-Inch iMac Displays


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Photo: Apple

‘Tis the season for class-action lawsuits, and a new one is being brought against Apple, alleging that the Cupertino-based company knew about problems effecting the 27-inch iMac, yet did nothing to stop them.

The lawsuit is being by Corbin Rasmussen of Idaho Falls, Idaho, who says that his 27-inch iMac started experiencing trouble 18 months after purchase. In fact, half of his display went totally dark, making it impossible for him to use his computer for even basic tasks without hooking up an external monitor.

It’s easy to see where this is going. Rasmussen’s iMac was out of warranty, and his helpful local genius tried to get $500 out of him to fix the problem. Rasmussen, however, believed he was in the right, and that Apple should fix the problem for free because it was a known issue. In fact, a 300-plus page thread on Apple’s own support forums backed him up.

Despite numerous complaints mounting in Apple’s online forums and lodged with Apple Care customer service representatives, Apple has refused to publicly acknowledge the screen dimming defect and has failed to stand behind its representations and products and offer a fix for impacted consumers.

He even cited a 2009 article on TechCrunch calling the iMac an iLemon. Rasmussen is seeking more than $5 million, and wants to represent all 27-inch iMac owners with LED backlit displays provided by LG.

You know, come to think of it, I have a 2009 27-inch iMac, and I’ve had a little discoloring in the monitor for years. Maybe he has a point. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: GigaOm

  • chrispinto

    I have the late 2011 iMac and mine went wonky after 20 months. I had AppleCare though but would have cost me £450 otherwise to repair.

  • welladriansays

    My first screen went in about 6 months, returning it the second time I was told it was an environmental issue and my fault, it was not fixed. This iMac has never been in a room where there weren’t at least two other displays, none of which have experienced any similar problems.
    My own solution has been to now buy mac minis instead,saving me about $1000 bucks each time.

  • tool022611

    It’s pretty embarrassing for apple, having problems with these and more problems with the 2012 retina MacBook Pro, all LG displays. Yet they continue to work with LG. They should have some kind of rule in their contracts where any problems with displays lands on the feet of LG, or start working with someone else like they were going to with sharp. I had to return my rMacbook within 3 weeks cause of the ghosting issue, thankfully I got a samsung display on my replacement..

  • cultoftech

    5 million for a dodgy screen and wants to represent all 27-inch iMac owners. Who’s he kidding!
    Check your consumer rights, UK has 6 yrs to make a claim.

  • Turtle Heart

    The lawsuit does seem to have a point. I have a 20 inch 2007 iMac that runs perfectly, after being sent 5 times for various repairs under Apple Care. Having a monitor go bad after the warranty expires seems like a legit problem. I been using macs for decades, i remember Apple care used to be so impeccable and sterling, and Apple, in the past, would in fact recognize such defects after warranty and address them…so to me the lawsuit seems legit. As much as users love their products, we must not loose sight of the fact that the new iGreed has trashed established features, introduced ahole restrictions on warranties and put the choice of many repairs in the hands of twenty year old “genius” macaroons at so-called “Apple Stores”. I would never use and Apple store, I prefer “authorized resellers” who have human beings working in them who will make a decision to help you out because they respect you as a customer….something that Apple absolutely no longer does at all.

  • Kaos_2K

    If you need more visually info of the exact part that is causing all of these issues you can find it here:

    As you see, that connector is defective and the only way to fix permanently is by soldering the cables directly to the LED circuitry board or by replacing the entire LCD display. The first option is difficult and the second one, expensive (Up to $700 for a new LCD). As some of you said, Apple should started a recall but they didn’t, the customers were on their own to get it fixed…

  • ritchieplunkett

    I actually got my late 2009 27inch screen replaced free of charge last year because of a bacteria issue. Well that’s what the guy said. They fixed it free of charge even though I was out of warranty plus he even acknowledged that it was “our” fault being Apple.

    The only thing which I didnt bring up was that after it being replaced I had a few white pixels or which looked like specs of dust under the glass. I needed my iMac asap so I didnt bother.

  • H. Davis

    27 in. screen fix? No we won’t fix it–Apple wants everything$ going in nothing coming out…this is the way of the classical cheapo- everyone knows Apple is cheap or stingy except their prices to you, and is hoarding billions with zero going to charity, etc .Sad-very greedy.