OS X Mavericks Available Today For Free In Mac App Store [iPad Event]


Hair Force 2? Who's One?
Hair Force 2? Who's One?

Apple software chief Craig Federighi took the stage today to talk OS X Mavericks. With his usual sense of humor, Federighi demoed new features in Mavericks and joked about his sense of style with his wife via iMessage. He also announced that the new OS is shipping today.

The tentpole features in Mavericks Federighi touched on were increased graphics and memory efficiency, battery life improvements, Finder tags, enhanced notifications, improved support for multiple displays, new Safari features, iBooks, Maps, and more. He also talked about how Apple has redone its engineering process for OS X so that major new releases can come out every year.

Federighi called Mavericks “a new era for the Mac” because Apple has chosen to make it available for free to everyone. “Free is good,” said Federighi. Mountain Lion cost $20 when it was released last year.

You’ll be able to download Mavericks for free today in the Mac App Store.

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7 responses to “OS X Mavericks Available Today For Free In Mac App Store [iPad Event]”

  1. mark_hunte_ says:

    Hmm.. it is not in the UK store yet..

  2. Exodus_Honey says:

    Nor in the Australian store, despite a link asking me to “Upgrade Now”.

  3. Heathcliff says:

    ‘Today’ being a fungible concept. Nothing on the App store as yet.

  4. Exodus_Honey says:

    It’s up in the Australian store!

  5. Assassin says:

    not up in canada too !!!

  6. Assassin says:

    up now for me xD

  7. Heathcliff says:

    Nothin’ in the USA.

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