Steampunk Tower Is Our iOS Game Of The Week [Editor’s Pick]


Steampunk Tower

I just love tower defense games. I also love Steampunk. Chillingo has just published a game, developed by DreamGate, that combines both great tastes into one great game.

In contrast to a traditional tower defense game, where you typically place towers along a fixed path to keep the bad guys from getting to your base, Steampunk Tower gets you to build up your tower’s defenses with turrets like machine guns and cannons. The creeps come at you from both sides, and it’s up to you to cleverly manage your monetary and weaponry resources to keep them from destroying your beautiful, beautiful tower.

As with most tower or castle defense games, the micromanagement becomes one zen-like flow after some playing, and as you get to know the game’s mechanics and process. You’ll need to build towers, upgrade them (but only when they’re in the basement, which keeps them from firing at enemies), and keep them reloaded, which can happen faster in the central tower shaft, which also prevents them from blowing up the bad guys. Here’s a quick video showing the game in action:

There’s a fairly deep tech-tree here, as well, letting you research new tech in the Laboratory. Spiffing! You’ll level up your character through various ranks, too, giving you taller and more useful towers, and about which you can then brag on Facebook if you like. There’s plenty of achievements to earn, if that’s your thing, and and entire encyclopedia of the various armored baddies that you’ve encountered through the various levels.

Overall, Steampunk Tower is a fun way to pass the time, and that it’s only $0.99 is even better. If you end up getting into the game, go ahead and buy some in-app currency and rock it even that much harder; it’s totally ok if you do, because games you like should be paid for, really.

If you give it a try, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: App Store