Incredibly, The iPad Mini 2 And iPad 5 Will Have Exactly The Same Thickness [Video]



Speaking of the iPad 5 and the next iPad mini, a YouTube user has post a new video online comparing the rear shells of the iPad 5 with the next-gen iPad mini.

Since these are just the shells of the next iPads, not their screens or guts, you can’t tell much about the actual specs of the next iPads, although we heard just this morning that the iPad mini 2 would be powered by a Retina display and both would pack next-gen A7X processors.

But the interesting thing on display here isn’t the specs: it’s that the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 have the exact same shell, except for the fact that the iPad 5 is larger. In fact, both shells are exactly the same thickness.

Considering the fact that the iPad gained a considerable amount of bulk when it went Retina, the thinness of the shells to both the iPad 5 and (presumably) Retina iPad mini 2 are extraordinary. How has Apple managed to pack enough battery into both of these tablets? Did they finally master IGZO?