MeCam, A Cute Clip-On Life-Logging Camera



You know how it’s almost impossible to keep track of all the photos you take with your iPhone, iPad, and your regular camera? Imagine if you had another device that clipped to your clothes and captured video and stills all day long. It would be a nightmare of organization, right?

Then again, if you’re, say, a photographer who regualarly gets harrassed by police and “security” “guards,” then having an always-on camera capturing the 65-degree slice of life in front of you might actually turn out to be rather useful.

The cute little button is called the MeCam, and it’s actually kind of neat. Pin it to your clothes and it’ll shoot 720p video at 30fps, recording onto a microSD card. This gives you up to 16GB storage, but as the battery only lasts 80 minutes you should probably wait until you leave the house before starting it running.

You can hit a button at any time to capture a 5MP still image, and the MeCam also has infrared LEDs which let you shoot in the dark.

So, as often happens with these posts, I started out hating the item in question and ended up finding it pretty cool. You mightn’t want to add to the piles and piles of video and photos you capture already, but if you’re in a risky profession then it might be handy to have a record of what the bad guys you encounter get up to.

In fact, maybe there’s a sales opportunity here: Gas station owners could buy them, brand them and give them to their employees. There could even be a monthly contest for the best photo shot down a gun barrel.

The MeCam starts at $50.

Source: MeCam
Via: PetaPixel