The Short Life And Death Of The iGadgets We Love, This Week On The CultCast



Rumor has it that Apple might soon get a gold member… of the iPhone family. But on this week’s CultCast, we’ll ask the important question: why would anyone want a gold iPhone?! We’ll ponder the color choice and rumors of a big bump in 5S storage space. Then, Kyle Wiens from joins us to discuss why Apple is purposely building devices only a Genius can fix, and the toxic wastelands where our iDevices go to die.

Have a few laughs and get caught up on this week’s finest Apple stories. Stream or download new and past episodes of The CultCast now on your Mac or iDevice by subscribing on iTunes, or hit play below and let the audio adventure begin.

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  • marsk

    Kyle Wiens was wrong about the failure rate of the iDevice compared to Samsung, most people know that Samsung battery most fail after 6 months of use, that’s why they let people to replace the battery, and that was achieved by making the phone size larger, so it can accommodate the large battery and the connector component.

    And most of the Samsung phone also need to replace the main board after a year, hence that product more electronic waste due to the high hardware failure rate on Samsung and other android phone.

    Kyle Wiens praise Samsung replaceable battery design, but it’s not really a tough task. The most challenging task is to make a phone thinner, lighter, fit in pocket , low energy consumption, but still in great performance.