iPhone Chargers Are Electrocuting People In China



iPhone chargers are dropping bodies all over China this week. Following an incident earlier this week in which a Chinese woman was electrocuted using a third-party charger, a 30-year old Chinese man has been put into a coma for ten days after plugging in his iPhone.

The Beijing Evening News is reporting that the man’s name is Wu Jiantong, and that he was “suddenly shocked” while plugging in his iPhone 4, presumably to a third-party charger. Wu apparently shouted “I’m being shocked!” before collapsing. His sister rushed into the room to help him, and unplugged the iPhone, and she felt “need-like pains” in her fingertips consistent with electrocution.

There’s a couple common elements in these cases. Both victims were believed to be using third-party chargers, and they were also using iPhone 4’s, which are more prone to electric conductivity because they use stainless steel in the frame instead of aluminum.

On Apple’s part, they have already said they will assist in the investigation about these incidents, but frankly, it doesn’t sound like it’s on Cupertino: sounds like a rogue knock-off accessory maker is to0 blame here.

Source: Beijing Evening News

  • Mark Saunders

    The implication of third party chargers seems to be the big news here. I imagine Apple will be watching this very closely.They may not be able to clear the stink left by this bad press but the data gathered will certainly be useful in discouraging the use of cheap, third party chargers!

    (BTW, typo in last sentence.)

  • Market_Mayhem

    Is it really that uncommon that people get electrocuted in their homes or apartments. China has an awfully large population so I’m guessing it would happen rather frequently. I would think bathrooms and kitchens would have high incidences of electrocutions.

  • lowtolerance

    Interesting that this is only happening in China. Apple must have pissed off the Chinese government again – it wouldn’t be the first time that they manipulated the press in order to get Apple to cave.