Popular iOS Calendar App Agenda Hits Version 4.0 With New Design


agenda 4

Savvy Apps makes Agenda, one of the most popular third-party calendar apps for iOS. Today Agenda hit version 4.0 with a complete redesign, new gestures, and integration with other great third-party apps.

“With over 3 million updates since launch, we did something right with Agenda,” said Savvy Apps. “That’s why Agenda Calendar 4 is a brand new app that maintains the spirit of what everyone has loved, while reimagining every last detail of what makes a great calendar app.”

Some feature highlights:

  • Five incredible views, including the new event flyout to quickly peek at event details
  • Edge swipe from the right to go to any date; tap the status bar to go to today
  • Choose Agenda Mini, Agenda Expanded,or  iOS (Apple) for event creation
  • Send events to Clear, Drafts, Due, OmniFocus, Scratch, Things, and Todo
  • Select Chrome, Google Maps, and other app defaults to open links, addresses, & numbers

Like Fantastical, Agenda pulls from your calendar information stored in iOS. Unlike Fantastical, Agenda doesn’t have natural language parsing for quickly adding events. But the developers have been cool enough to include a little hook which lets you create an event in Agenda like you would in Fantastical, and then send it to Fantastical to actually be parsed.

Agenda 4.0 looks like a solid Calendar app alternative for the iPhone with a very iOS 7-friendly design. It also has good integration with Apple’s Reminders app, which is a bonus if you heavily use that service. The design is bold and well done. It costs $2 in the App Store.

Source: savvyapps