The Budget iPhone In Red, Blue, Green, White And Yellow [Image]



When the first colorful shells for the so-called budget iPhone first started leaking, they seemed like they were probably fake. Surely, Apple would find some other way to skimp on their new low-end iPhone build price than by casing it all in cheapish plastic in a Froot Loop pallette of colors.

But it’s starting to look like there’s a lot of smoke for no fire, with another leak out of the Far East showing the budget iPhone in red, yellow, white, blue and green. These are starting to look real: budget iPhones with a 4-inch Retina Display that are about 2-3mm thicker than current devices, and will end the fragmentation between 3.5-inch and 4-inch displays among Apple’s for-sale iPhone range when the budget iPhones go free on contract.

What do you think of the budget iPhone’s look? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Apple Daily
Via: Slashgear

  • lwdesign1

    I really don’t care for the color selections, whether these are cheap fakes or the real thing. Of course I also don’t like the color sections for icons in iOS 7, so maybe this is a trend towards flat design but gaudy colors. I can only hope that Apple remains true to its legendary elegance in product design. An inexpensive iPhone can still look elegant as long as the chosen colors look rich and not like they were cheap Chinese knockoffs.

  • Whodakat

    I love the colors. Maybe not the red, it looks a little washed out in comparison, but that could just be the photo. Of course, I’ll never buy one, as I’m hooked on the flagship iPhone, but I can see these selling well over seas. I still think its possible that they will be emerging markets only. And just for the guy below… I love iOS 7! Even the icons! lol

  • CharilaosMulder

    They wont end the fragmentation immediately: apple supports the iphone 4 and 4s with iOS7 and so do developers. quite some apps even run on iOS4. it’ll take quite some time, and the iPhone 4S is powerful enough for iOS8.

  • timothballs

    The rear facing camera seems to be more concentric with the upper corner in this image… That’s an inconsistency which one (or both) of these leaks are likely to be fake!

  • SupaMac

    they look like Starbursts or something

  • p8blr

    I think they look pretty nice. I find this type of phone more appealing since the only choice of color right now is white or black. It might be worth having last year’s cpu to have a more personalized phone.

  • rigit_digit

    IMO, you have to look at this as a phone for the non-professional. In that view, these are great. For example, I’m not going to whip this out while conducting business – I’ll have my nice iPhone in hand for that. For people who have no need for business impressions, like most teens, or people on a small budget, I think it is great they can also have the iExperience. I predict the white color will be the most popular of the group.

  • DarthGeekonius

    What if this is actually the direction Apple is going in considering all the colors in iOS7? If you look at the new icon for Photos, almost every color is represented the same can be said for Game center. What if this was actually going to be the 5S and the 6 is currently being tested as an iPhone 5 look-a-like?

  • homeandmantel

    The smartest and honestly only thing Apple could have done. This is Samsung’s worst nightmare realized.
    Looks like the black option is being reserved for the high end model. Smart move if true because a lot of us (me) would hit that one and never look back.

  • Jay

    I suppose I could live with the white one (or black if offered), but much prefer the elegance of gorilla glass and metal. Then again; I’m 65, don’t mind spending a couple hundred dollars every 2 years and kids will probably love them.