Who Says The PC Is Dying? Over Half Of All Ultrabooks Sold Are MacBook Airs


Macbook Air Firmware Update

The MacBook Air is a hell of a machine, a computer that created an entirely new class in the PC market. No wonder it’s absolutely dominating sales, with 56% of all ultrabooks sold being — surprise! — MacBook Airs.

According to new data released by market research firm NPD, Apple sold 56% of all ultrabooks in the first half of 2013. And those numbers don’t take into account the fact that Apple just released a new MacBook Air with Haswell technology inside that bumps the 13-inch MacBook Air to an astonishing 13 hours of battery life.

Of course, Apple selling the most computers isn’t new. Right now, Apple’s line of Macs generates more profit than the other top five PC makers combined. Who says the PC is dying?

Source: CNET

  • Market_Mayhem

    Wall Street says Apple is dying due to lack of innovation and how everyone will be purchasing knock-off products half the price of what Apple products cost. That’s the future Wall Street sees for Apple.

  • BrainGameMayhem

    Citing Apple’s market share says nothing about the industry’s life cycle. The PC industry is in decline, and the fact that 56% of ultrabook sales so far this year belong to the MacBook Air doesn’t change that, nor does it offer evidence to the contrary.

    This would be similar to saying, “Who says the printed press industry is dying? Over half of newspapers sold in NYC are New York Times papers!”

  • technochick

    I’m confused by this headline. It seems to be answering the question of whether PCs a dying. But PC is a term generally equated to Windows based machines. And if over half the ultra books are Mac based that suggests an answer of yes, they are.

    And the article gives no numbers. Regarding total ultrabook sales or even computers in total.

    And then there is the issue that Ultrabook is a trademark and not generic as this ‘journalist’ has used it

  • Gregory Wright

    Unfortunately, the “PC” is dependent on Windows OS. Most Mac users like Apple’s OS and Apple’s hardware design. Hardware, I believe the PCs have caught up to Apple with their recent Ultrabook lines.

  • joewaylo

    The Desktop PC Edition may be dying (iMacs, Mac Pros not included), but the “portable PC” edition UltraBooks still breathes strong with the MacBook Air at the top.