Shipments of 27-inch iMacs delayed as Apple scrambles to fix graphic issues



Apple’s long and tortuous travail trying to solve its 27-inch iMac production woes doesn’t look likely to end before the New Years, according to reports from authorized resellers who say that Apple has delayed shipping their premium all-in-ones for at least two weeks until they can figure out the cause of the 27-incher’s common graphic woes.

Although it takes a pair of eyes bereft of soul not to slaver at the 27-inch iMac’s gorgeous chassis, users have been complaining since October about numerous issues affecting their new machines, including flickering displays and jaundiced screens. The problems, at first blush, appear to be related to faulty ATI graphics cards, with the delay in shipment to resellers related to Apple preemptively replacing those cards before shipping out their host machines.

It’s good to see Apple scrambling to fix the problem, but it’s potentially sad news for anyone who hoped to unwrap a 27-inch iMac on Christmas morning.

[via, image Boy Genius Report]