Apple Store In Bellevue Square, Seattle, Flooded After Heavy Rain



An Apple retail store in Bellevue Square Mall, Seattle, is one of 14 stores that have been flooded following heavy rain, Fox News reports. Fortunately there were no injuries, but all stores have suffered minor flood damage when storm drains became unable to handle all of the water.

As you can see from the picture above, Apple store employees were forced to walk around in a pool of water, while Apple’s trademark black wooden stools had to be lifted onto the Genius Bar to prevent water damage. Despite this, Bellevue Square Management expects the mall to be open as normal on Wednesday.

“Just prior to regular closing hours tonight, the intensity of the rain storm in the Puget Sound region led to water damage at approximately a dozen Bellevue Square stores,” Bellevue Square Management told Fox News.

“The management of The Square is working throughout the night to monitor the situation and conduct any necessary actions to manage the cleanup of any affected stores. The Square will be open during normal business hours tomorrow.”

Source: Fox