Woz Loves This 360 Degree, Credit Card Sized iPhone Stand, And So Will You



Imagine cramming an entire iPhone stand, not just into your pocket, but into a credit card slot in your wallet.

That’s what the Pocket Tripod 360º does. It’s an ingenious little design: a small plastic card that unfolds into a sturdy dock that can keep your iPhone 5 propped up at literally 360 degree angles.

How does it manage that? The section that actually sandwiches the iPhone 5 is pivotable, giving you an infinite number of degree variations.

How is that useful? Well, for one thing, you could use this to watch a movie on a plane while someone’s seat is back. Or maybe you could use it as a tripod to get a steady photo of something at just the precise angle.

This is super awesome. Heck, even Woz loves it. Let’s get it funded on Kickstarter, shall we?

Source: Kickstarter