Woz Loves This 360 Degree, Credit Card Sized iPhone Stand, And So Will You



Imagine cramming an entire iPhone stand, not just into your pocket, but into a credit card slot in your wallet.

That’s what the Pocket Tripod 360º does. It’s an ingenious little design: a small plastic card that unfolds into a sturdy dock that can keep your iPhone 5 propped up at literally 360 degree angles.

How does it manage that? The section that actually sandwiches the iPhone 5 is pivotable, giving you an infinite number of degree variations.

How is that useful? Well, for one thing, you could use this to watch a movie on a plane while someone’s seat is back. Or maybe you could use it as a tripod to get a steady photo of something at just the precise angle.

This is super awesome. Heck, even Woz loves it. Let’s get it funded on Kickstarter, shall we?

Source: Kickstarter

  • Adrayven

    Cool idea, only issue I have is that I use a case. :(

  • MrsCleaver

    Woz loves something from Apple? Now that IS news! The checks from Google must be drying up.

    Wonder if Guy Kawasaki—another frequent Apple basher who made his fortune from Steve Jobs—likes this little stand as well.