Google Drive Update For iOS Adds +1 To Collaboration



Google has just updated their official Drive app for iOS, making it easier to navigate between documents and collaborate with others upon them. Not only can you now comment upon Google Drive documents within the app, you can quickly swipe through images.

The beef of the update is obviously the new commenting feature. One of Google Drive’s biggest strengths is that it’s a bang-up collaboration environment, and the new commenting feature allows you to create, edit, reply or resolve notes to other users in shared documents on the go. All you do is tap, hold and release at the point where you want to leave a comment; upon release, you can also swipe to highlight the specific text you want to comment upon. Pretty slick.

The image swiping is a nice little touch too. Google Drive now acts more like other iOS photo apps, allowing you to easily swipe through multiple images in a row. Considering that previously you had to exit each photo to go to the next one, it’s a big improvement.

Google Drive is available for free from the iTunes App Store.

Via: Slashgear

  • JamesGunaca

    This will always be a 3 star app until they give us multi-account support like is available in Gmail for iOS. I’m a Google Apps user and a Gmail user and switching back and forth is a common practice.

    Signing in/out in Drive is annoying. Esp. with 2-step authentication enabled.

  • innocentsmith

    “Image swiping is a nice little touch too”???!
    Really. Being able to browse through images has been the biggest weakness for using drive as a one-stop cloud storage solution. This update finally makes it usable for images. Dropbox still has the upper hand in this department, but for double the price. Now if only they could add a thumbnail image browser…