Google Glass Will Get A Facial Recognition App For Pictures You Take Of Everyone


Google Glass will be back.
Google Glass will be back.
Photo: Google

There are a lot of privacy concerns surrounding Google Glass, but that’s not deterring developers from making Google Glass apps that are even more invasive than Google’s dorky looking computer glasses.

Lambda Labs in San Francisco has created a facial recognition app for Google Glass that will launch in the next few days. The app is a facial recognition tool that is capable of recognizing someone in a picture you’ve taken with Glass, but it only works once you take a picture of them a second time with Glass.

As noted by MacGasm, the feature is similar to Facebook’s auto-tag function: users specify which face belongs to which person, and then when you take pictures again, the app automatically adds their name and other info automatically.

Lambda Labs already develops facial recognition software that is used by over 1,000 developers worldwide. The new Google Glass app will be launched as a tool for other developers to incorporate facial recognition capabilities into third-party apps. Google has stated that, due to strong privacy concerns, it will not add its own facial recognition features.


Source: MacGasm