The Dock is Not Dead: iLuv’s New Lightning-Equipped Aud 5





One word cropped up over and over at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, and it wasn’t “speakerdock” (yes, that may be two words; but I’m merging them here because that’s what I’m doing). In fact, the word was “Bluetooth” — a word discordant with the very idea of a dock-equipped speaker.

And yet, amid the tsunami of Bluetooth-equipped speakers at CES, there were holdouts — adherers to the Old Way of doing things, of physically connecting a device to its speaker.

One such holdout is the Aud 5, iLuv’s first speaker dock to harbor a Lightning connector.

The dock’s key highlights are a swiveling Lightning connector, touch-sensitive controls and a 3.5mm input. Streaming Bluetooth docks are wonderful, but my guess is there’s still plenty of room for speakers that give devices a place to sit and charge.

The iLuv Aud 5 hits store shelves today at $150.





  • Adrayven

    I just want a dock, no speakers.. something to sit my phone in on my night stand. That flopping cable is annoying. Wish apple still made the basic dock…