Donald Trump: Apple Should Increase iPhone’s Screen Size Or “Lose A Lot Of Business”



Donald Trump thinks Apple should increase the iPhone’s screen size… or else. The real estate tycoon talked about how much he wants a larger iPhone on his Facebook page today. If Apple doesn’t wise up and release a phablet, The Trump says the company will “lose a lot of business.”

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What Samsung screen is he referring to? The Korean smartphone maker recently announced the 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega, so maybe Donald wants something closer to 7 inches. Like the iPad mini?

Rumors have been saying that Apple is working on a larger iPhone for years, but Tim Cook and co. have repeatedly stated that the iPhone 5’s 4-inch display is the ideal size for a smartphone.

Source: Donald Trump

Image: Reuters/Keith Bedford

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22 responses to “Donald Trump: Apple Should Increase iPhone’s Screen Size Or “Lose A Lot Of Business””

  1. theobserving says:

    Yes, yes, Apple. Listen to the pedantic asshat who’s gone bankrupt umpteen times.

  2. cybercharlie says:

    Ahh Donald Trump… once again proving what an idiot you are.

  3. Derek Schlicker says:

    Trump is the type of person who, when he tells you to do something, you do the opposite and you’ll probably be alright.

  4. Gadget says:

    Does the Donald want a long form iPhone?

  5. sosickitzill says:

    Seriously, it’s the #truth. Not a mega stupid 32″ screen size which samscum will probably market as Galaxy S21 phone-tv-all-in-one-entertainment. But a much bigger IGZO screen between 5-5.7. Functional? Maybe not, but Apple needs this to satisfy a growing segment of the market. Asshat is on point. Developers will have to adjust their apps to a bigger screen maybe multiple iPhone screens. More work/headache all translate to #JobSecurity

  6. iSteve says:

    What an asshole this guy! His statement proves clearly that he is dwarf in technology trends…

    Hey Trump, if you do not know this and fit this intel in your head:

    “Apple Inc. sets trends and standards and others like shamesuck follow..”

    Also you should change your name to “Dump”…

  7. Tao Jones says:

    its official!! apple made the right choice on screen size. half the people you meet are below average and trump is a master of putting his name on other peoples projects . remember Donald wisdom is to know the things we can’t change. please make sure your brain is engaged before putting your mouth in gear next time.

  8. Gadget says:

    Apple could use a week’s worth of income, buy everything with the name “Trump” on it and bulldoze it into the ground

  9. MrsCleaver says:

    Why do you PRINT this kind of stuff? Trump may be rich beyond all reason, but he’s an idiot. Who the f’ cares what products he thinks Apple should make?

    If Trump wants a bigger iPhone for his gin-soaked eyes, maybe he should rubber-band a cheap Samsung cell phone to a cheap Android tablet.

  10. Whodakat says:

    I hope the screen never gets bigger, because then Donald can’t have what he wants. And Donald hates not getting what he wants. Hello Trump Cell Phones! They’re BIG! They’re obnoxious! They’re made of GOLD! And of course the word Trump is carved into every possible place.

  11. Steffen Jobbs says:

    What does a real estate mogul know about running a smartphone company. It’s not like he’s never made mistakes in his life. Just because he likes a larger screen it doesn’t mean most of the world does. Of course, there’s a place for larger sized smartphones like anything else, but I honestly don’t think that’s going to make or break iPhone sales. I think most future sales will come from emerging markets and those consumers will probably be happy with a mid-sized smartphone.

  12. iTimC21 says:

    The iPhone 5 is perfect and unless they find away for a 4.5 or 5 inch phone to be perfect in EVERYONE’S hands then it should stay 4 inches. I’m excited for WWDC 2013! :D

  13. Jdsonice says:

    Donald Duck should shut up and go take care of his hair.

  14. lwdesign1 says:

    Simple solution: Leave the iPhone as it is and make an iPad mini version with phone capabilities. Call it the iPhad. Problem solved.

  15. WXMAN2001 says:

    If there is one person who knows a failure because he is one, that would be Donald Trump. He has declared bankruptcy more times than Larry King has been married.

  16. Mharter11 says:

    If Donald Trump say so, then Apple must. How about an iToupe too while they are at it? Every picture of him looks like he is ready to suck a…banana…

  17. Mharter11 says:

    If Donald Trump say so, then Apple must. How about an iToupe too while they are at it? Every picture of him looks like he is ready to suck a…banana…

  18. HerbalEd says:

    The Donald is not aging well. He gets more stupid … and more funny.

  19. tide9 says:

    Somewhere there is a horse in agony because his ass is sitting on Donald Trump’s shoulders.

  20. TechBell says:

    Design tips from a guy who can’t get a decent haircut.

  21. 5imo says:

    You missed trying to end Scotland’s energy independence to the list of things Trump does.

  22. CharilaosMulder says:

    For normal hands, the iPhone 5 is already too big

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