Leap Motion Controller Availability Delayed, Won’t Be In Retail Stores Until July



The hardware controller for Leap Motion’s futuristic gesture tech was slated to arrive in stores on May 19th.  Now Leap Motion is having to delay its public release until July 27th. The reason for the delay is the need for more beta testing and integration with partners who will support the gesture-based platform.

In case you haven’t seen any of the demos, Leap Motion is incredibly cool. It allows you to control your Mac using Minority Report-style hand movements.  Developers have been testing and integrating Leap Motion with their apps, and the software will come with its own app store at launch.

TechCrunch reports:

This is not good new for a company that has spent a lot of time promoting its product and securing high-level partnerships (with Asus, HP and Best Buy) up until now. The hype that Leap Motion has been able to build only means that users will be more disappointed by any delays in its launch window, and the effect on public perception is certainly one the hardware startup would like to have avoided. Still, some 12,000 developers have received units and already used them to do impressive things, so Leap Motion is hardly in danger of being branded ‘vaporware’ as of yet.

It sounds like the people behind Leap Motion want to make sure that the experience is rock solid and fluid for customers. That’s good news considering that the controller will be sold at large retail chains like Best Buy.

Apps like Google Earth will be really awesome with Leap Motion. We can’t wait to get our hands on one when it ships. Preorders can be placed online for $80.

Source: TechCrunch