Auxo App Switcher Coming To The iPad Next Month [Jailbreak]


Yes please.
Yes please.

Auxo is one of the best jailbreak tweaks out there, period. It started as an iOS app switcher concept and has since matured into a full-fleged jailbreak tweak that puts Apple’s switcher to shame. Instead of tiny app icons, you can jump between apps by viewing large, card-like tiles. There’s also an enhanced music player and quick access to system settings, like screen brightness and WiFi.

While it works great on the iPhone, I’ve always thought that Auxo was better suited for the iPad’s larger display. The good news is that Auxo will finally be coming to jailbroken iPads everywhere sometime next month. An exact release date and price have not been given yet. Auxo for iPad will be going into private beta testing soon, and I’ll have more to share then.

Source: A³tweaks

  • CharilaosMulder

    Love the controls to the left of the switcher, but there’s a fundamental problem with the switcher:

    People distinguish apps by the icons, not by (live) screenshots. As on the home screens. Which is why navigating the standard switcher is faster. Let alone that most screenshots are overwhelmingly grey/white, unlike what’s shows on most pictures of Auxo showing only colorful apps like Notes, Spotify, Maps etc.

  • technochick

    Generally pointless. Most people don’t feel the need to be constantly adjusting system settings, are fine with going into music app for anything more advanced than play/pause, track back/forward. And it’s n app switcher. The point is to go to the app. So the big tiles are just fluff.

  • Eitot

    Why is it that the app switcher is limited to that one bar at the bottom? Since you can’t do anything with the rest of your screen, why not have an app switcher that uses the whole screen instead. That should add a lot more to productivity than these gimmicky mini-screenshots that do not solve anything at all, other than being purely cosmetic.