Apple Bicycle Photographed At Cupertino HQ, Looks Just Like Regular Bicycle



As an Apple employee, you can take a private, roomy bus with onboard WiFi along a secret route to get to work in sunny Cupertino, California. But why not just take a bike and get some exercise?

Apple has given its corporate employees the option to use a company-issued bicycle since 2011, and now thousands of workers use them to get to and from Apple HQ. Wired snapped the above picture of an Apple employee on his bike after sleuthing about Cupertino. There are apparently 420 of these bikes available on campus for employees to rent.

Cult of Mac Reviews Editor Charlie Sorrel posted about these bikes at Wired back in 2011. He discovered that they were M3 Mixte models from Public Bikes, a company located down the road in San Francisco. Apple ordered a custom batch without logos. Colors are light blue, silver, and gray.

Source: Wired

Image: Alex Washburn / Wired

  • The_Nazirite

    Did somebody say 420?

  • tdurden19

    slow news day????

  • marsk

    I bet Samsung already copied it!

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