Is Apple In Danger Of Losing Too Much Valuable Talent?


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Apple may have some of the highest paid executives in the country, but that doesn’t mean employees are satisfied lower down the food chain.

Since Tim Cook became CEO at Apple, the company’s corporate culture has changed. A byproduct of that change is that more and more Apple employees are leaving Cupertino to work at other competitors and startups.

Business Insider asked around, and multiple venture capitalists said that a greater number of Apple employees have been jumping ship lately.

“More generally there is a growing level of dissatisfaction among Apple executives and employees, and a greater willingness to explore leaving,” says one investor.

These venture capitalists would know, since they invest and are heavily involved in the businesses of the startups that people leave Apple to work for. Companies like Facebook are right up there next to Apple and Google when it comes to top employers in tech. In fact, it has been reported that Facebook hired a bunch of iPhone engineers from Apple to work on Facebook Home, its new software for Android devices.

“The consensus among the people I’ve spoken to is that this is in no way a “rats leaving a sinking ship” scenario, but rather the inevitable churn of talented people capitalizing on the success of the company,” Daring Fireball’s John Gruber told Business Insider. That sounds about right. You can only hold onto employees for so long in the tech industry. The best of the best are starting to venture out of Apple’s walled garden. Whether that will be a problem for Apple or not remains to be seen.

Source: Business Insider

  • MrsCleaver

    “Is Apple In Danger Of Losing Too Much Valuable Talent?”

    Probably no more “danger” of losing talent than if Steve Jobs were still alive and at the helm. Talented people leave, and are quickly replaced by equally or more talented people. That’s the way of things in all business, especially in the ultra-fast-paced world of high tech.

  • rogifan

    Leave it to Business Insider to run a non-story just because its good click bait.

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  • calcp

    It could also be that now that the alleged collusive agreements to suppress “poaching” of employees between Steve and the CEOs of several other prominent Silicon Valley companies have come to light that the market has opened up.